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Looking for the best rendering Sydney has to offer? Ready to transform your aged and tired looking house into a modern and stylish home that you’re proud to show off? Want to make a small investment that will greatly increase the value of your most important asset?

Whether you’re thinking of cement render with its traditional look and affordable price tag, or one based on acrylic, with its sharp, smooth lines and bright colours, Top Rendering Sydney will be able to provide you with the best result, and a house that you’re now keen to show off to friends, family and the neighbors of course. Our obsession with high quality render makes us the render experts.

We’re passionate about beautifully rendered buildings, and we believe this shows in our work. Possibly a little too passionate. We love the stunning clean lines that traditional render gives to a building, the smooth finish, the intense colour. We believe that every building deserves to look its best, and we think that this is a beautiful coat of render.

How Can Our Render Help You?
We love how practical and functional render can be. The low maintenance nature of render can be hugely appealing, especially for your house. We want you to enjoy your home and its great appearance without having to worry about all the work you have still to do. Cement render only requires painting periodically (maybe every ten years or so) and acrylic render (where the pigment can be included as a part of the render itself) doesn’t even need that. With render, you can spend your time sitting in the garden looking at your stunning home, rather than continuously working on maintenance.

We’re also big fans of the protection that render gives to your home or building. We care about your buildings as much as you do and we know that you’re happiest when your property is kept safe and secure from the impact of the elements. A well applied coat of render provides the best possible protection from the damage done by the sun, wind or rain.

Even better, render can even reduce your energy bills due to the fantastic insulating qualities. Render is a fantastic insulating material. As a breathable, protective layer on the outside of your building, it prevents heat escaping during the colder weather and helps to keep your property cool during the hottest of summers. It might not be enough to want to get rid of the heating and A/C but it can definitely make a difference to your energy bills.

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How Can Our Rendering Help Your Home?

Rendering your home helps to update a tired, older building. A fresh coat of render gives your home a crisp, clean appearance, ensuring that you are the envy of the neighbourhood. Although we think that render should be its own reward, the envious glances and impressed smiles of your friends and family definitely add to the pleasure you’ll feel as you admire the smooth finish and stunning colours.

High quality render can also have a significant impact on your property value. Render has a timeless look, managing to look both traditional and modern. It also makes your home look well cared for and even loved, adding value and make it easier to sell your house. Not that we’re quite sure why you’d want to sell such a stunning home. Come and see why we’re able to offer the high stand of rendering Sydney deserves, take the first step today, call now and get your free quote.

Completely Transform The Look & Feel Of Your Home

Top Rendering Sydney has focus on ensuring we not only render your property to a high standard, but also transform it into an entire new property, with a new look and feel. Rendering your house has many advantages but the one people notice straight away is how it looks and the incredible transformation that can occur. A basic rendering project can take a run down, dated and “ready to be demolished” kind of house and transform it into a modern and stylish home within a short period of time, for a great price.

Your friends, neighbours and family will be shocked to see how amazing and modern your house can look, and it will without a doubt increase its resale value. We have a wide range of colours to choose from and will no doubt have a colour of render that brings your house back to life.

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Our Three Principles


Top Rendering Sydney are affordable as we know we can provide the best rendering skills at very competitive prices. There are many quality rendering companies out there who are after your work and we know price is important, right? If we are too pricey, no matter how great our rendering is, you’ll go somewhere else. It’s just rendering, right? A competitive company is a successful company!

High Quality Result

We know we offer quality a rendering service that will stand the test of time and look great years from now. You’ll want your render to look just as great in 10 years as it does the day we complete it. You don’t survive long in this business by doing average rendering work, and it’s part of our company values and principles to ensure that every job we do is to a high standard, each and every time. This means our customers are happy in the short and long term and that’s the foundation for good business.


We only use the best quality rendering materials that comply with safety regulations. We believe in looking after our staff and customers in a safe and responsible manner and ensuring that we meet all government regulations, we also develop a culture amongst our staff to avoid taking unnecessary risks and to look after each other. Safety is without question, our #1 focus and is 1 reason we consider our company to be the best renders Sydney has to offer.

In fact, we stand behind these 3 principles so much, we offer a 100% guarantee.

Our Rendering Services In Sydney

Cement render contains cement (unlike acrylic render) and arrives as a powder that needs to be mixed with water. It dries solid and can be applied quite thickly if needed. The big advantage of cement over acrylic is that it’s quite a bit cheaper. A quality cement render will help transform your home without breaking the bank.

Acrylic render is a great option if you have the budget for it, as it’s essentially a higher quality version of cement render. One of its best qualities is that it can stretch slightly with temperature changes and is much less prone to cracking. It also comes in a huge range of colours which gives you a lot of options of how you’d like your house to look afterwards.

You may have a section of rendering on your house or front fence that has cracked, faded or in need of a touch-up or repair. In some cases we’re able to just repair that area but in some situations it might be best to redo the entire job depending on how bad the damage is.

House rendering is our largest and most common type of rendering project. Whether you need to render a front fence or perhaps your entire house, the end result will completely transform how your house looks, and will likely increase its value, not to mention make your friends and neighbours jealous.

An Investment In Your Most Valuable Asset

Your house is one of your biggest assets, don’t leave your rendering to any old amateur. A poorly done render can look horrible, cost a small fortune to fix, and cause you untold stress and misery as you now need to get the work redone. Don’t leave it to a rookie, contact the team at Top Rendering Sydney.

  • Render offers great protection for your building, providing a strong, weatherproof layer.
  • Completely transform the appearance of your house, making it modern & stylish.
  • A new look that will impress your friend, family and neighbours.
  • A high quality of work using only the best materials.
  • Personal, friendly and helpful customer service.
  • Affordable and reasonable pricing with no hidden costs.
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Why Hire A Professional Rendering Team?


We’ll complete your rendering project the right way so it will look great and last forever.

concreting customer service


We value our customers as they’re the lifeblood of our business and aim to give them the service we ourselves would want.


For every project we use only the highest quality materials so you get a great result.


We’re generally a fairly friendly and open team and happy to have chat about anything you might need help with.


We don’t mess about, we show up when we say we will – on time, we get the job finished as fast as we can but without cutting corners.


If you have any problems down the line we’re always happy to assist previous customers.


Cement render is the most commonly used form of render as it is the cheapest form and uses basic ingredients (sand, cement and lime). As it comes in powder form water is added on site so it is also easy to transport. If you are on a budget cement would be your best option. Acrylic render however is much more expensive as it comes in pre mixed liquid form (in buckets) which makes it more pricey than cement render. Acrylic rendering is a lot more durable and can tolerate temperature changes as it can stretch slightly, whereas cement rendering is more likely to crack as its more rigid.


Cement rendering is generally cheaper than acrylic rendering, which one you need will depend on the type of surface you need rendered, the location (temperature, humidity, sunlight) and also how big or small the area is. Rendering is generally charged per square meter however small repairs may be charged differently depending.

The best way to get a more accurate price is to call us up for a quick chat, and we’ll be able to give you a much better idea.


It will depend on how many square meters must be one, however for a standard 3 bedroom house it would take around 5-8 days or so. If your house is double story it will take longer obviously.

The best thing you can do to ensure your render lasts a long time is to keep the surface clean, this can be done with a low water pressure cleaner as required.


Jane R.

The team at TRS came and provided a quote for my mothers house and we very professional right from the start, the house looks fantastic now, thank you.


Blake W.

My wife and I recently bought quite an old house and the guys did a great job with the rendering, its looking much more modern now, from start to finish they did a great job.


Simon L.

We needed some acrylic rendering for our house before we put it to auction, Top Rendering Sydney completely transformed the outside and it looks much better and we’re confident it will sell for a lot more now, thanks guys.


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