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What Is Acrylic Render & Why Do We Love It?


Although cement render is the traditional product to use, we are huge fans of acrylic render.  Acrylic render is similar to concrete render, in that it involves applying a layer of sand and cement to the outside of your building.  The difference is that acrylic render also has small particles of acrylic plastic mixed in with it.  This acrylic makes the render stronger and more flexible and helps it to hold colour for longer.

Acrylic render is more flexible than cement render.  This means that it can absorb and adapt to more movement than other types of building finish and makes it much less likely to crack as the building swells and shrinks in the varying heat of the seasons.  Cracks in render allow moisture and salt to get behind the render and cause damage to the fabric of the building.  Resistance to these cracks allows acrylic render to be incredibly long lasting and very low maintenance.

The acrylic particles in your acrylic render also gives it a delightfully smooth finish.  This smooth finish allows crisp, clean lines and a stunningly modern look.  When applied by our expert craftsmen, acrylic render will make your house or building really stand out.  The combination of being highly durable and having such a high-quality finish means that your acrylic render will look brand new year after year.

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Acrylic render also takes colour exceptionally well.  Many types of acrylic render can come with the colour actually in the render, meaning that there is no risk of the colour flaking off.  The colour will stay vibrant and bright for the life of the render without any additional effort, which is a pleasant contrast to having to paint the outside of your home or building every 10 years or so.  It gives incredible colour consistency, even across large buildings or even across multiple buildings.

Acrylic render can also be applied to a much wider range of building materials.  If you like the look of render but the outside of your building is not masonry, acrylic render may be your only option.  It is able to form a strong bond to many different surfaces, meaning that you don’t always have to fully remove paint from the outside of your house or building, for example.  This can make acrylic render a much faster and hassle-free process.

Acrylic render is also extremely quick drying.  This means that your home or building is protected straight away and there is no need to worry about how long the render takes to dry.  If you are someone who likes to change their mind about colour, you can even use an uncoloured acrylic render and paint it straight away.

We love the clean, fresh look of an acrylic render on any building, large or small.  Knowing that it is giving the very best protection possible to the building underneath makes it even better. You may already have your property rendered however and just need some render repairs in certain areas, this is something we can help you with as well.

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