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What You Need To Know About Cement Rendering


Cement render is one of the most traditional finishes for buildings in human history, going back hundreds of years.  It might be the weight of this history that makes us so passionate about render, the generations of builders and homeowners sighing with pride as they look at the beautifully rendered building they have just finished secure in the knowledge of a job well done.  Then again, it might be the crisp, clear lines showing off the proportions of the building.  Or the smooth finish, ready to be painted a myriad of colours or even to be left a clean, uncompromising white.  Or maybe it’s the unrivalled protection from the elements, knowing that we’re helping to keep your building safe in all weathers.

Actually, we know that it’s all of these factors.  Cement render has so many benefits that we can’t possibly pick a favourite.

Cement render is a little bit like plaster but it is usually applied to the outside of your building (though, we’re more than happy to enthuse about all of the wonderful ways to use cement render inside your home or property as well, if you’ll let us).  It’s made from cement, sand and lime mixed together.  This makes a strong, durable, flexible material which decorates and protects your building.

Cement render is highly customisable, and we are happy to help you to find a design and style that you love. Sometimes basic render from Bunnings will do but we can also source different styles from elsewhere if needed. We have a great gallery of stunningly rendered buildings from Sydney (even if we do say so ourselves!) for inspiration, but we’re also delighted to work with you to create your own, individual design.  In fact, we can’t think of much better than discussing render designs and ideas (unless it’s actually getting out there and making your ideas a reality).  We want you to be as delighted with your new render finish as we are, so we really care about understanding what you’re looking for in terms of how your house or building looks.

Why Cement Render?


Cement render isn’t just a pretty face though.  It provides a strong, weatherproof layer that prevents the sun, rain, wind, sand and salt from causing damage to the bricks and mortar that makes up the fabric of your home or building.  Bricks can become ‘pitted’ or worn away by the constant assault from rain and wind, especially in coastal areas.  They can also be damaged by UV from the strong sunshine. Cement render is far better at coping with these extremes of weather and, provided it is applied correctly by people who care about doing an outstanding job, will protect your property year after year. Cement render where lime is included also allows your building to ‘breathe’, allowing moisture to pass out of the building but not allowing the wet in.  This reduces the risk of mould or damp in your home, keeping you healthier and happier all year round.

Cement render is also a fantastic way of insulating your home or building.  Good insulation helps to keep your property warm in the cold weather and cool once the world outside heats up.  This means that you can be left with lower energy bills while staying comfortable all year round.

With cement render giving you a beautiful finish to your home, unrivaled protection from the elements and even saving you money in the long term, we hope that you can see why we’re so enthusiastic about it.  We want you to have the very best for your home or building and we love knowing that we’ve given you the stunning look you want and kept your home safe and secure from the elements at the same time. Cement render may not be for everyone though and you may find an Acrylic render will be a better choice for your property, this is something we can discuss with you. Ready to take the first step to getting the best cement rendering Sydney has to offer? Contact us now.

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