Rendering Repairs

Rendering Repairs Sydney


Given how much we love buildings, and beautifully rendered buildings most of all, cracked render creates cracks of its own in our hearts.  Cracked and damaged render can make a building look old and unloved, but it can also allow water and salts to seep beneath the render and start to cause damage to the fabric of the building within. 

If your building has render that has started to crack or chip, it’s important to get it looked at as quickly as possible.  A single call is all it takes to get our crack team of ER (emergency render) staff out to inspect the damage.

We are happy to undertake all forms of render repairs, from the very smallest cracks to your houses rendering right up to to larger sections that will require much more care and attention.  Our highly trained render specialists will have your home or building back to full health in no time.  This means that it will not only look stunning, with a smooth, unmarred finish but it will be protected from the elements and ready to face everything the harsh Australian weather has to throw at it.

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